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“Blessed One, which art in Heaven Above,
let your will be done, let your Day come.
Guide our hand in the darkest day,
Light our way in the darkest night,
Blessed One, which art in Heaven Above,
Guide our souls to your graceful light,
Let us not slip into temptation,
So that we may join and feel your Love.”

- The Prayer for the One.

The earliest histories of Theas are documented in murals and old stories that date back twenty thousand years ago. They speak of a time when great cities of marble and stone rose from the ground, a time of peace and harmony, a time before men…

…Then mankind arrived and everything changed. They came in the thousands, and the elven kingdoms took them in. They gave men land and taught them the knowledge of farming and metalworking. But men, who were truly wicked in their hearts, practiced magic and the Priests from the Holy City came down upon them and asked them to set aside their heathen ways. But men were wicked and cruel and with their terrible magic, they cast down the realms of the elvenkin. They spread throughout the world and in their depravity they brought down the age of peace and replaced with darkness…

…And in the Heavens above, the Kingship saw all that happened to their creations and wept for elf and man. And so, they cast down men, making them forget all the knowledge they knew…

Home Page

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